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Segment one how it works, the first thing is to sign up for the class. What will we do, twenty four hours of class time six hours of drive time and a minimum of four hours of observation time"watching another driver drive and finding signs signals and markings"

What does thirty four hours of instruction cost?  $300.00           

 often asked questions, where  do we drive and what are the objectives? 

Drive 1 starts out with the basics in a low volume traffic area.

 Drive 2 we move into a rural area "country road" and intersections.

Drive 3 we work on left turns, protected and unprotected.

Drive 4 business district, we are now moving onto more complex situations and culminating the previous drives and tackling higher volume traffic situations.

Drive 5 freeway driving at higher speeds.

Drive 6 evaluation calumniation of all the drives.               

505 6th Ave
Menominee, MI