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                                                Driver Education School

Do you ever ask yourself, "Is my son or daughter ready for driver education", or “Is my 14 years and 8 months old to young to start driving an automobile?" Here is something to consider; taking driver education at 14 years and 8 months old means that when your new driver completes Segment 1 and obtains their Level 1 driver license, they are given the opportunity to practice driving with you for 1 year and 3 months before being eligible for their Level 2 license. The more driving experience a new driver gets before being able to drive without supervision gives them the ability to multi-task in the ever changing driving environment.

The Abby Road Driving School experience is by far the most current and comprehensive in the area. Our instructors have been trained by one of the largest driver education schools in Michigan. Our method of driver education, is designed to assure that you will receive the finest professional instruction available. We have two full time instructors, who are highly trained and dedicated to teaching safe and defensive driving. Both of our instructors have excellent driving records, and have been members of the community for over 30 years. We offer quality instruction by qualified professional instructors at the most affordable price to produce safe and defensive drivers.

We offer year around driver education.  When your teen reaches 14 years and 8 months old, stop in or call, classes are offered monthly to assist you with your driving needs.

Michigan Department of State approved facility.




Be patient with new drivers:
Being a driver education instructor is challenging but very rewarding.  We are teaching new drivers the proper rules of the road, decision making, risk management and a host of other techniques to help them become safe and efficient drivers on the Highway Transportation System. 
The task of a driver education instructor is not simple, all of the driving tasks that experienced drivers take for granted are brand new to new drivers and they have to be taught.  The process of teaching a new driver starts very slowly.  The new driver is learning how to maneuver the vehicle, learning how to use the accelerator and brake and to multi-task by using the turn signal, steering, mirror checks as well as using their eyes effectively.  They are learning how to judge the speed of other vehicles, learning how to find gaps in traffic in order to enter the road safely and learning how to change lanes.  The new driver is learning how to share the roadway with other road users.  All of these functions experienced drivers take for granted.
The instructor teaches the proper rules of the road but the new driver also learns from watching other drivers.  New drivers witness courtesy acts by other drivers as well as discourtesy acts and they learn accordingly.  We have spoken to a number of semi drivers over the last year and they all have the same theme, “Teach new drivers to be respectful of large trucks and give them a lot of room.” We are doing just that, but we ask large truck drivers and other road users to be respectful of the new driver as well. Experienced drivers can assist in a new driver’s learning by being a little patient and understanding if the new driver takes a little too long at a stop sign or if they wait for a longer gap in traffic before making a left turn.
As driver education instructors, we ask that the experienced motoring public be patient with a new driver. We are all part of the Highway Transportation System and we all have the responsibility to drive defensively to ensure the safety of all road users.  Please remember, a courtesy act witnessed by a new driver will give them the incentive to “Pay it forward” and as road users, we will all benefit

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